Kendo, Iaido, and Aikikai

Kendo and Iaido



Kendo and Iaido go hand-in-hand as an ancient Japanese sword art. The Princeton Kendo & Iaido Club holds classes at the Princeton ATA on Tuesdays and Sundays. For detailed schedule and more information, visit the Princeton Kendo website –, or call us at 609-640-0200.


Aikido is a peaceful martial art that merges with the motion of the attacker, seeking to redirect the attack instead of opposing it. For instance, instead of blocking a hit, a person may use the attacker’s momentum and throw them down.

Princeton Aikikai holds Aikido classes Thursdays and Saturdays at the Princeton ATA. For a complete schedule please check out their website, or call either 609-688-8927 or 609-430-0200.